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Create the life you want. Life development, for those wanting to reconnect with their true self.

We are all born to live a life with purpose. To use our unique gifts and talents and to share those with others.

OnelifeMapp is a life enrichment programme for those wanting to reconnect with their true selves. As we navigate through life, we tend to lose our true selves. We get lost in what others want and need from us, we take on roles, play parts and get caught up in our own emotional drama and at times the drama of those around us.

This twelve-week on-line life development programme will take you on your own personal learning journey where you will connect with your true purpose, fall in love with your passions and unlock your greatest potential. Creating the life, you are meant to live.

The programme introduces you to twelve lessons that you will learn to master. Each lesson will cover key concepts to the pillars of success. You will receive access to each lesson, where you will be guided through a series of videos, exercises and home study actions.

This development journey is like no other, and you will enrich all aspects of your life.